Complete Miscarriage

We are very sorry that you have experienced a miscarriage. It’s important to know that whatever you may be feeling is normal, there is no right or wrong way. Our sonographer should explain their findings to you and our clinic team will help arrange your follow up care.
We would like to offer some support and hopefully answer some questions you may have that we hope can help you during this difficult time.

What to expect after a Miscarriage?

You can expect to be bleeding for up to 2 weeks, you may also notice the blood gets browner in colour and lighter in flow as the days go on.
Many ladies also experience what feels like period type symptoms. These can include pain/cramping and achy breasts, so it’s advised to wear a comfortable, well-fitting bra until the discomfort subsides.
It is advised not to use tampons for this bleeding as they can increase the risk of infection. However, they are OK to use when your next period arrives. Your next period can be anytime between 2 – 6 weeks following your miscarriage.
If your cycle doesn’t return within 3 months, then please consult your GP.
It is also best to avoid sexual intercourse when you are experiencing bleeding, this can also increase the risk of infection.

If you develop a temperature, offensive discharge or flu like symptoms then please speak to your GP.

You may feel emotional and hormonal and this is completely normal. Help and support from organisations is available to families who have experienced a miscarriage. For more information you can visit The Miscarriage Association website. They have a great deal of information and can offer you any support that you may need.