Twins – Early Scans

firstScan at Window to the Womb

How Soon Can You See Twins on an Early Scan?

We can detect a multiple pregnancy from 6 weeks with a trans-vaginal scan. When having an early pregnancy scan, it is medically recommended that the scan is carried out trans-vaginally with consent to ladies pre-10 weeks. Internal scans offer much more clear and accurate results. With clearer results and a better view of baby, this means that you are further likely to leave your scan feeling more reassured. You may decline an internal scan if you wish - just let the sonographer know on the day of your scan.

Looking for an Early Scan?

Early Pregnancy Viability Scan
Viability Scan
6 weeks – 10+6 weeks
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Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan
Reassurance Scan
12 weeks – 15+6 weeks
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Early Pregnancy Symptoms Scan
Bleeding / Pain Symptoms
6 weeks – 15+6 weeks
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Early Pregnancy Specialist Scans
Specialist Scans
IVF, Miscarriages, Ectopic
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