Reassurance Scan

Pregnancy Scan From 12 weeks

Price: £90

Pregnancy Reassurance Scan

firstAssure Reassurance Scan

Pregnancy Scan From 12-14+6 Weeks

Price: £90

5 star rated

Scan Includes

  • Confirmation of an intrauterine pregnancy
  • Check for single or multiple pregnancy
  • Visualisation of heartbeat
  • Assessment of ovaries and pelvic area
  • Estimated dating of your pregnancy by measurements
  • Early pregnancy obstetric report

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Reassurance Scan Details

Our Reassurance Scan offers early pregnancy assurance to ladies from as little as 6 weeks (based on your LMP). Each of our early pregnancy scans come complete with a medical report. Our expertly trained sonographers and clinic team will provide you with the best possible reassurance from 6 weeks gestation.

  • If you feel you would benefit from more frequent scans please speak with your local clinic, however a minimum of 2 weeks between scans is advised
  • The primary purpose of this scan is to offer reassurance around your NHS antenatal appointments and confirm health.
  • The scans will last about 10 minutes and a 2D scan picture will be given to you to take home and keep.
  • All early scans are performed by a qualified diagnostic Sonographer.
  • As this package is offered from 6 weeks, it is medically recommended that the scan is carried out trans-vaginally with consent to ladies pre-10 weeks. We will always consult with ladies before their scan, so if you’d prefer an abdominal scan, please let us know.
  • If you are unsure of your LMP or have irregular cycles you will be asked to confirm the date of your first positive pregnancy test and we will book your appointment two weeks following this to ensure accuracy of dates. 
  • This scan is available to women over 18 years of age or to women of 16 and 17 years who attend with a responsible adult.
  • Please note, to book a scan with firstScan, a positive pregnancy test result is required.

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