Trans-vaginal Scanning

Here at firstScan the health and well-being of you and your baby is our primary purpose with the safest and very best care provided throughout. If your pregnancy is less than 10 weeks by dates or you are unable to work out your dates by your menstrual cycle, then a trans-vaginal scan will be necessary to assess the dating & viability of your pregnancy. Trans-vaginal scanning offers much clearer and more accurate results. Having clearer results and a better view of baby, this means that you are further likely to leave your scan feeling more reassured.

However, we do understand that some ladies may have questions about this, so we have put together a list below for you to have a read through and our firstScan Midwife Iona Harries explains the benefits of trans-vaginal scanning in this short video below.

Benefits of Trans-Vaginal Scanning Include:

  • The examination will help the sonographer assess more fully and gain more accurate measurements.
  • The scan can be performed even if you are experiencing vaginal spotting/bleeding. 
  • In those early weeks the scan will be much more accurate at determining a fetal heartbeat.
  • The scan will be much more accurate at determining any changes within the lining of the womb and at assessing the ovaries and surrounding areas closely related structurally and functionally to the uterus.
  • A full bladder is NOT required for trans-vaginal scanning, so you won’t have to sit the entire journey to your appointment with your legs crossed!
  • Many ladies ask if there are any risks when having a trans-vaginal ultrasound and the answer is NO. The ultrasound is completely safe and has no know side effects.
Iona Harries – Registered Midwife | firstScan Clinical Panel | Clinic Owner

If you have any concerns regarding a trans-vaginal scan please speak with your sonographer before your scan.