What will I see at a 9 week scan?

About Baby

At 9 weeks we would expect to see a tiny baby (approximately 22 millimeters) and the first flicker of baby's heart beating. You will start to see baby’s face taking shape and even the eyelids have formed by now. All major organs and bones will also be starting to form, just no fingers or toes yet - they come later.
Cherry Baby Size 9 Week Scan

About Baby Continued...

At 9 weeks, baby is approximately the size of a cherry. The hands & feet are developing with ridges with identify where the toes and fingers will be. They just haven't separated yet. Their face is slowly forming and the eyes are more obvious and have some colour pigment in them. There's a mouth and a tongue with tiny taste buds.
early pregnancy scan North Wales

About You

Your pregnancy hormones are at their peak during week 9 which can make you feel a little unwell but it’s this hormone that is making sure baby is nice and comfy in the womb. Due to the increase in pregnancy and female hormone you might find you are feeling all kinds emotions so make sure you are getting plenty of rest and relaxation.

What You Need to Do

Make sure you are looking after yourself, perhaps a treat to yourself this week since your feeling unwell would cheer you up. If you have just found out this week you need to book an appointment to see your GP and ask to see your midwife. You will usually be offered a scan at 8-14 weeks with the NHS but if you just can’t wait to see baby then you can book your early pregnancy scan today.
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