Rubella (IgM) Blood Test

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Rubella (IgM) Blood Test

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Key Features:

  • Immunity Confirmation
  • Past Infection Identification
  • Immune Status Assessment
  • Vaccination Effectiveness
Why book Rubella (IgM) Blood Test?

  • Planning for pregnancy and wanting to verify immunity to rubella.
  • Investigating a cause of a birth defect that is suspected to be caused by rubella.
  • Routine Screening: In some cases, the test may be part of routine screening protocols, especially for certain populations or occupations.
  • Experiencing symptoms

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Overview of the Rubella (IgM) Blood Test:

The Rubella Blood Test (IgM) detects specific antibodies in the blood. The presence of these antibodies indicates that you are currently infected with rubella. Rubella, also known as German measles, is a contagious viral infection caused by the rubella virus. The IgM antibodies are produced by the immune system in response to a recent infection. Therefore, a Rubella IgM test is often used to determine if someone has had a recent rubella infection.

Rubella (IgM) Blood Test in Males and Females:

The key reasons why an individual would book this test are similar in both male and females. However, this is particularly important in the case of pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant because rubella infection during pregnancy can have serious consequences for the developing fetus.

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