Early Pregnancy & Women’s Health Scans

Variety of Private Scans to Suit All

All of our scans are accessible to everyone with prices from £80
Please note, to book an early pregnancy scan a positive pregnancy test result is required.

Women’s Health & Pelvic Scans

  • viability scan

    Well Woman

    Detailed scan to assess the size, shape and condition of the uterus, ovaries, womb lining and pelvic area.

  • dating scan

    Fertility Scans

    Detailed scan to assess the condition of the endometrium and both ovaries with a view of providing an estimated ovulation window.

  • reassurance scan

    Endometrial Thickness

    A detailed look at the size, shape and condition of the endometrium. Providing a thickness measurement for those undergoing travelling IVF.

Early Pregnancy Scans

  • viability scan

    Viability Scan

    6 weeks – 10+6 weeks
    If you want the earliest possible pregnancy viability confirmation.

  • dating scan

    Dating Scan

    8 weeks – 12+6 weeks
    If you have irregular cycles or want to know your estimated due date.

  • reassurance scan

    Reassurance Scan

    12 weeks – 15+6 weeks
    Offering that extra reassurance between antenatal appointments.

Specialist Early Pregnancy Scans

  • IVF fertility treatment ultrasound scan

    IVF Fertility Treatment Scan

    6 weeks – 15+6 weeks
    A specialist scan offering reassurance if you are pregnant as a result of fertility treatment.

  • firstScan are proud to offer specific packages for clients who are undergoing a range of fertility treatment. We recommend arranging your appointment directly over the phone with our clinics.

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More information about our early pregnancy scans

  • Viability/Dating/Reassurance - £90

    Our firstAssure early scan package is ideal for mums who want the earliest possible pregnancy assurance. Perfect for your first or successive pregnancies. Available from 6 -15 weeks (based on your LMP). This scan is ideal for viability, dating or reassurance about your pregnancy.

  • IVF/Fertility treatment - £90

    If you have had IVF or other fertility treatment and want to have a well-being scan then this early scan is available from 6 to 15 weeks (based on implantation date). If an early scan is offered by your fertility clinic it is advisable to accept the appointment and then book follow up scans with firstScan

  • Bleeding/pain symptoms - £90

    If you have experienced any symptoms of miscarriage, feel anxious for any reason (including any symptoms of bleeding and/or pain) and want assurance of well-being or maybe just want to see how many weeks pregnant you are. Available from 6 – 15 weeks (based on your LMP)

  • Recurrent miscarriages - £90

    If you have had 2 or more previous miscarriages and want to a have well-being scan, this early scan is available from 6 to 15 weeks (based on your LMP). It is suggested that a 7 week scan followed by a 10 week scan is the optimum care for women who have experienced recurrent miscarriages. The follow up scan will be booked whilst you are attending your initial scan appointment.

  • Previous Ectopic - £90

    If you have had a previous ectopic pregnancy and want to have a scan to be sure this pregnancy has implanted correctly in the uterus then this scan is available from 6 weeks of pregnancy. The primary purpose of this scan is for you to see that a pregnancy sac is developing within the uterus. If you are only 6 weeks when we scan you, you may not see a heartbeat at this scan.
    Please note, to book a scan with firstScan, a positive pregnancy test result is required.

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If you have had previous or current pregnancy concerns use our ‘Build a Scan’ tool to find the right package for you.

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Private Ultrasounds from 16 Weeks

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Our firstScan clinics don’t offer services after 15+6 weeks. However, your local clinic offers an all-inclusive range of private baby scans from 16-42 weeks.

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