Hepatitis C Antibodies Blood Test

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Hepatitis C Antibodies Blood Test

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Key Features:

  • Past Infection Indication
  • Active Infection Assessment
  • Liver Health Monitoring
  • Transmission Risk Assessment
  • Maternal-Fetal Transmission
Why book Hepatitis C Antibodies Blood Test?

  • Individuals with Suspected Exposure: Those with known risk factors, such as a history of unprotected sex or sharing needles.
  • High-Risk Populations: Individuals engaging in activities associated with Hepatitis C transmission.
  • Pregnant Women: Especially relevant for pregnant women to assess the risk of transmitting the virus to their infants.
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Overview of the Hepatitis C Antibodies Blood Test:

Testing for Hepatitis C antibodies in your blood is a valuable initial step to determine whether you have previously been infected with the virus. However, it's important to note that a positive result for antibodies does not confirm whether the infection is currently active in your system. To assess the current status of the infection, a follow-up blood test is necessary.

Hepatitis C Antibodies Blood Test in Males and Females:

The Hepatitis B Antigen (HBsAg) Blood Test is applicable to both males and females, serving as a vital diagnostic tool to detect the presence of the hepatitis B surface antigen in the bloodstream. This test is crucial for identifying individuals currently infected with hepatitis B, helping guide appropriate medical interventions and preventive measures.

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